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Streetrich Hip Hop Society is sad to announce that we no longer will be co-operating the City Parkway Studio aka The Hip Hop House as of July 29, 2018. Our last session will take place on Sunday July 29 from 6pm to 10pm.
Streetrich had to make this hard decision due to lack of funding, an actual operational budget, and the lack of support. As a team of volunteers we combined all our strengths over the last 3 years to try to make this work and build this Hip Hop House but we came short and ran out of energy.
We do want to sincerely thank everybody who did support us and helped us to write a little bit of Canadian Hip Hop History.
As for now Streetrich Hip Hop Society is taking time to re-organize itself, to re-focus
and once we are ready you will hear from us again. All we can share for now about our new plans is that we will continue doing events, workshops and showcases. We are looking to develop an agency that can help Hip Hop artist to get more employment in the forms of shows and workshops.

Streetrich Hip Hop Society
Matt L’ariko

Programs and Workshops

– Empowering individuals with Community Workshops

Streetrich is able to offer a variety of programs and workshop options, to suit the needs of our community. With the many different approaches, our goals are always to build self-confidence and allow people to express themselves using creative art forms. We strive to empower individuals, and provide them with skills to communicate effectively, while addressing the issues that they may be facing. We enjoy sharing the history of Hip Hop culture, and helping others to connect to their cultural identities, in a safe and fun environment.

All of our workshops can be adapted to suit the financial needs, and or availability of your organization! We have a vast network of professionals that are available to develop specific programs, workshops and events, based on the goals of our clients. All of the sessions can be adapted to fit your time requirements. We can provide weekend workshops, or ongoing sessions that occur once a week. Streetrich is also available to provide program planning, keynote speeches, & performances.

Workshop Options

Spoken Word,
Rap & Songwriting
Spoken Word, Rap & Songwriting

This workshop is a high energy, interactive approach for exploring creative writing, poetry and the technical aspects of “how to rap”. Combining elements of basic music theory and rhyme, it is designed for people at any skill level, to have fun improvising with words.

Locking & Popping
Breakdance, Locking & Popping

Learn the fundamentals and history of breakdancing. These workshops are designed to make people comfortable moving to music, and learning how to cypher. We can offer showcases and or workshops, in the different styles of funk dance, from beginners to the advanced.

Street &
Aerosol Art
Street & Aerosol Art Image

Discover a fun and easy introduction to the culture of aerosol arts. This is a chance to develop technical hand styles, typography, and learn to create murals. Our workshops bring visual arts from the street to the classroom, engaging in discussions around traditional and modern art.

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Arts-Based Facilitation &
Teaching Tools
Arts-Based Facilitation & Teaching Tools

We can provide techniques, designed to improve the teaching tools for instructors of different disciplines. Learn to apply an arts-based approach to creating safe spaces for people, while sharing your unique skillset.

Hip Hop
History & Culture
Hip Hop History & Culture

This workshop explores the origins and roots of Hip Hop culture, tracing back a variety of cultural influences and struggles, to it’s beginnings in the Bronx, New York City. We aim to share this knowledge, reclaiming the fundamental values of peace, love, unity, and having fun.

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