Social Purpose Real Estate Conference

Social Purpose Real Estate Conference

When: Tue June 2 10:00am-12:00pm

Streetrich Hip Hop Society had the chance to speak at the Social Purpose Real Estate Conference in Vancouver. Together with Art Space Action, Vancouver Skateboard Coalition, 206 Zulu Nation and Safe Amplification Society they wanted to create more awareness about the needs related to space and different youth cultures.

Make Some Noise! Youth Creating Space and the Politics of Fun

Derek Simon, Art Space Action 

Diana Guenther, Art Space Action

Mattias Boon, Streetrich Hip Hop Society

Jeff Cole, Vancouver Skateboard Coalition 

Kia Kadiri, Streetrich Hip Hop Society 

King Khazm, 206 Zulu Nation   

Marita Michaelis, Safe Amplification Site Society 

Mark Pickersgill, Safe Amplification Site Society 

Will Pearson, Vancouver Skateboard Coalition

This interactive discussion highlights opportunities and challenges in creative space development  for youth. The panelists are leaders of youth organizations who are developing creative spaces  that go beyond traditionally limited notions of sports and recreation. They show how the often  edgy politics of fun inherent to music, hip hop and skateboarding cultures offer critical new tools  in overcoming formidable challenges to creative space development. Anyone planning or involved with space projects for youth—or who enjoys having fun—should attend this dynamic panel.

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Freestyle Workshop w/ v Special GUEST

October 20, 2017, 5:00pm - October 20, 2017, 7:00pm

HEY Y'ALL. This month's workshop is brought to you by resident president simok and Rupert, founder of Freestyle Rap Alliance, Streetrich Hip Hop Society, and emcee of Vancouver Street Dance Festival - VSDF.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ DATE: Oct. 20th, 2017 (Friday) TIME: 5 to 7 LOCATION: Room 2515, The Nest ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Stay tuned for more deets 🙂 🙂 🙂RWB UBC Exec Team~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At RWB UBC, we are a diverse group dedicated to creating a hip hop community on the UBC campus. We put on monthly pit-hops, big term end shows, freestyle fridays, cypher recordings, and even listening parties with part of our money going towards Doctors Without Borders (MSF) every year. Doesn't matter if you're an artist tryna collab, or just a huge hip hop fan, come join the fam!

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TONIGHT - Wednesdays
- Surrey - Drop in Sessions @ "The Hip Hop House" 10660 City Parkways - 7pm to 10pm - $3 (proceeds go to Streetrich programming) - Breaking
- Vancouver - Drop in Sessions @ Roundhouse Rec Centre - 7pm to 9pm - Free - Breaking
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