Streetrich Events

– An overview of past and upcoming events

R16 – Canadian Qualifier – Vancouver

Boogaloo Academy, Art Goes Everywhere, Salish Coast UZN Vancouver, Creative Motion Dance Studio and Streetrich Hip Hop Society present: R16 – Canadian Qualifier – Vancouver

Safe Cyphers Workshop Series

Safe Cyphers is a series of workshops that will train community leaders and potential leaders of various black popular cultural forms, including but not limited to emceeing, dancing and visual art, in the art of workshop facilitation.

Ken Swift in Vancouver

February 10 & 11, The legendary Ken Swift from the world famous Rock Steady Crew will be in Vancouver.

The Bridge 2014

The Bridge is an annual mini-festival, created with the support of the Streetrich Hiphop Society, in order to engage and educate youth as well as bridge different communities, generations and cultures through hiphop and related arts.

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