Mulalo Lawrence Sadike

– Youth empowerment

Mulalo Lawrence Sadike

Mulalo grew up in South Africa. He developed youth empowerment programs for international organizations for six years in three continents and ten languages.

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Mulalo Lawrence Sadike grew up in the Soweto and Tembisa townships in apartheid South Africa, where Hip Hop is about survival, freedom, hope and the determination to right the wrongs of oppression and injustice. In those dark times Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” and other songs like it shone a bright light on the universal truth that freedom is a struggle that everyone relates to.  Inspired through this unity, Hip Hop would get him back on his feet, knowing that people all over the world could relate to his reality.

Fast forward to 2014, Mulalo has taken his years in apartheid and post-apartheid South Africa studying, and building youth empowerment programs, global.  He developed programs for international organizations for six years in three continents and ten languages.  He has chosen to make Vancouver his home, where he oversees numerous national and international education programs for the YMCA.  Supporting the empowerment of youth in  South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, and Ukraine has instilled in him an unquenchable thirst to create opportunities to explore different values, cultures, challenging the ‘norm’ or status quo.  This is the core motivation in his work with Streetrich.

To Mulalo, Hip Hop is culture, art, poetry, stories, inspiration, and revolution. It never asked for permission to be seen or heard while inspiring the uninspired.

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