Streetrich Hip Hop Society wants to create a platform where youth and people of all backgrounds can develop their creative potential through the artistic elements of Hip Hop culture.  

We aim to provide free lessons to many youth who do not have the ability to take structured classes offered by most community organizations, such as breakdancing, art, music production, and creative writing.  The all ages, free, drop-in format of the programs, allows youth the opportunity to change at a pace that match their current life situations.  In this place youth from all walks of life come together as equal participants.  All workshops and activities organized by Streetrich, promote the family friendly values of Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, and Having Fun! 

The result is a safe space where youth feel comfortable expressing themselves artistically, taking risks, and inspiring each other. This organic process of developing leadership, trust and communication skills, builds self-esteem, fosters greater resiliency, and promotes positive change in our communities.


The purposes of Streetrich Hip Hop Society are:

- to promote and support Hip Hop and urban youth cultures.

- to build a bigger and stronger Hip Hop/ urban community.

- to build self esteem of urban youth through Hip Hop Culture artistic elements ( breakdance, dj, rap, streetart) and other urban cultures (e.g. skateboarding , BMX,…)